Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the classic British aviation adverts database and website. If you can`t find the answer to your question please get in touch via the contact page.


Aviation Ancestry Pre 1970 UK aviation advertisements collection frequently asked questions. (FAQ's)

Q: What is Aviation Ancestry?
A: A listing of UK aviation industry adverts from 1909-1970.

Q: Why?
A: It's an interesting way to see the how the industry developed in its first 60 years.

Q: Why are there some non-UK ads in the database?
A: They were all published in UK periodicals and people find them historically interesting when seen in context.

Q: There seem to be a lot of duplicates, is this intentional?
A: No, most duplicates were added in error during a certain phase of the project - they are progressively being removed.
Please note though that the ads are primarily classified by "year" so identical ads may appear in different years - this is intentional.

Q: Why stop at 1970?
A: Primarily (and very simply put) because the last of the UK independents (Handley Page) finally left the stage and the complexity and the cost of the technology ushered in the age of the big groups and multinationals. Of course the UK aviation industry continued to innovate and flourish beyond that date, but we had to stop somewhere!  (There are some post-1970 adverts in the database for popular categories such as military aircrew recruitment and flying schools)

Q: My searches for well known companies, aircraft or products sometimes produce poor or  even no results - why is this?
A: The search function is quite pedantic and looks at the description field (above the advert)  - for example DH Moth - de Havilland Moth would yield entirely different results. The search function is actively being improved but following the "How To Search" link should help.

Q: How often is the online database updated?
This depends on the quantity and nature and of the updated content but weekly updates are typical.

Q: Where are the ads sourced?
Exclusively from our collection of original publications. If we don`t have the original it won`t appear. (Futhermore no publications are damaged during the scanning process)

Q: You offer free copies of the images - Why? and why free?
A: We're aviation enthusiasts and like to share freely with like- minded individuals and organisations - last year we handled over 1,000 requests. Freely offered donations are welcome though.

Q: There used to be an updates page and a company search page - where are they now?
A: With the increased frequency of updating from monthly to weekly or even daily it became too time consuming to update the 'updates page' - the company search page page was too crude to keep pace with ever changing company names and structures. - The new "Directory Pages" will in time provide the most comprehensive means of locating items of interest to you. (with over 2,000 companies listed it's a long term development)

Q: Do you publish any books or catalogues?
Yes, we are publishing a series of themed books containing comprehensive listings (images) of the subject adverts. Titles currently include 3 De Havilland volumes, Bristo Blenheim and A.V.Roe to 1930 - more are being compiled as content is catalogued. Currently you can only buy from Amazon or Lulu, but there will be an option to purchase on this site in due course.

Q: Do you only "do" pre-1970 British aviation advertisements?
Mostly it's about the classic British aircraft and aviation industry advertisements but we have room for other select items of aviation interest held in our collection, Tee Emm is a good example of this, and maybe in the future some sales brochures of special interest as well.